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Wifco Engineer

Intelligent Engineering and World-Class Manufacturing. Right here in the Heart of Kansas.

A combination of astute engineering, a massive array of manufacturing equipment, and highly skilled employees come together to create a product exact to your needs.

We utilize best structural practices and practicality in our approach, all while mitigating costs to the customer. Our business was built on a foundation of quality products designed to last many, many years on-site.  


WIFCO products are built to last.

Manufacturing facilities, general construction, grain elevators, warehouses, HVAC containment, fuel and oil storage, civil uses, refineries and more.

The final product for any job is the result of a streamlined engineering and manufacturing process that combines the strengths of our 27 years of experience. Innovation, flexibility and durability are what drives the bulk of our creation process. WIFCO's steel products are seen across a range of industries and provide safe and reliable human access to otherwise hard to reach or otherwise deemed unsafe locations. We excel in manufacturing steel platforms, mezzanines and walkways as well as steel stairways providing access to such structures. Our walkways and platforms are used in warehouses or manufacturing facilities, on top of storage tanks, on rooftops, in various locations in construction sites, alongside bridges, in parks / recreation or other civil uses, in refineries, on silos, fermenting rooms, railyards, shipping yards, or virtually anywhere else weight, durability and safety are primary concerns. We build stairways and landings for access to all such walkways previously mentioned. Our stairways and landings can also provide access to temporary and permanent structures such as internal or external offices as well as HVAC equipment found on or around larger buildings. Our steel crossover bridges are used to provide access over conveyor belts, pipes, small fences and other obstructions in manufacturing facilities, warehouses and around large oil, fuel or water storage tanks. Caged ladders and crow’s nests provide access to any of our platforms or customer structures when a stairway is not either practical or possible. With roots in the oil and gas exploration business, safety is a primary concern. All structures are built with OSHA standards in mind as well as international building code (IBC). We regularly work with a range of general contractors as well as owners and builders for all such structures or facilities. You will find that our capabilities are extremely flexible and allow for endless customization in order to fit your project’s needs.

What makes us different

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Manufacturing facilities, general construction, grain elevators, warehouses, HVAC containment, fuel and oil storage, civil uses, refineries and more.
WIFCO has you covered.

Man Welding Wifco

Water, Fuel, Oil and Other Liquid Storage

Wifco’s roots are in the energy production industry. Our stairways, walkways, landings, manways, small tanks and other products are found all across the US and Canada, providing safe, reliable access and storage solutions to hundreds of producers for many years.

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