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Steel Assemblies

API 12F 13th Edition Walkways and Stairways

As a persistent leader in our space, Wifco Steel Products has always maintained rigorous safety and construction standards in order to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Wifco proudly offers a range of products meeting API 12F 13th Edition standards, including walkways / catwalks, stairways and crossover bridges and more. These new products are designed and built to last and maintain modern safety requirements.


Steel Walkways / Catwalks And Extensions

Walkways / Catwalks (connecting two storage tanks) and extensions (added with each additional tank) are defined by length and coating. They are available in 26″ and 48″ widths, as well as several variable tread types for appropriate use.

For transportation, one is turned over and placed inside the other. Wifco also offers a pop-up version to increase load density by 50%.

Other related assemblies offered are go-in’s and landings. All walkways, extensions and landings come with y-braces for mounting.


Steel Stairways for Tanks, Plants and Other Use

Stairways are defined by the number of steps when ordering and come with handrail gussets.  Steps are spaced 12″ apart (every 6 holes).

When stairs are installed at a 45 degree incline, the rise is 8.5″ per step.  Steps are available in regular and grated step configurations.

For transportation, the railings are folded down.


Steel Mezzanines, Platforms, Go-Ins and Landings

Mezzanines, platforms, go-ins and landings are a common necessity for various jobs, and will bridge or confine access to other areas of the site, as well as provide a base for other structures or materials.

Go-ins and landings are defined by length of pan. They are stored inside walkways for transportation.

Mezzanines and platforms are completely variable and made to customer specifications.

Api 12f 13th Edition Walkways
Steel Stairway Assembly
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