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What WIFCO can do for you

Made in the US for the US


Solid Design Oil Tank Walkway

API 12F 13th Edition Walkways & Stairways

Catwalks / Walkways & Extensions


Go-Ins & Landings

Crossovers / Walkovers / Bridges

Multiple products & accessories

Steel Stairway and Walkway on Storage Tanks

Bar Grated Walkways & Stairways

Solid Design Walkways & Stairways

Pop-Up Walkways

Walkways Ladders Grain Elevator

Manways: Round & Rectangluar

Storage Tanks

Custom Fabricated Steel Leak Free Manway Frames

Nameplate Brackets

Grade Bands

Lifting & Mounting Lugs


Steel Walkway / Catwalk & Stairway Components

Regular & grated Steps

Walkway Extension Pans

Handrail Gussets & Other Components 

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