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Steel Assembly Types

Bar Grated Steel Walkways / Catwalks and Stairways

Wifco has developed bolted style, grated steel walkways / catwalks, complimenting our similar style stairways to meet the demands of the harshest weather conditions. Its unique ease of manufacture and bolted design provides a rigid, cost effective solution for customers who need API compliant platforms with stairs to access a variety of heights and lengths.

Grated Walkways / Catwalks

  • Grating allows snow to fall though the walk surface and a galvanized coating offers corrosion protection.

  • Grating is also offered with a serrated surface.

  • Angle and other components are offered in painted or galvanized coatings.

  • Angle is provided in “solid design”; holes are placed only where needed.

Grated Stairways

Wifco has offered a grated step design for the past 10 years with excellent field performance and customer feedback. The steps are manufactured using robotic welders to obtain maximum and repeatable product quality.  Stairways are available in any length as defined by customer

Special Features

Wifco’s automated roll-forming of angle capability provides product options for hole placement and trimming.

  • Holes placed only where desired

  • Rounded hand-rail corners

  • Sharp corners removed at entry points, such as edges of mid-rails

  • No angle splicing on assemblies over 20 ft. long

  • Rigid flanged toe-board

  • Unique “suspension bridge” design makes structure rigid


Solid Design Steel Stairways and Walkways / Catwalks

Our unique capability to roll-form angle with programmable punching of holes, eliminates need to punch holes every 2” apart. Holes are placed only where needed.

  • Structures are more solid

  • Strong appearance and aesthetically pleasing

  • Rounded versus sharp hand-rail corners

  • Less holes means less potential for hole area corrosion

  • Available in “pop-up” configuration


Pop-Up Walkways

Our patent pending design of “pop-up” or expandable walkways gives our customer the benefit of ordering labor saving assembled product while maximizing transportation density. This new configuration (API compliant) is shipped in a folded down condition and can be scissored up into final position with minimal final assembly work.

  • Assembled on-site in 15 minutes

  • Doubles transportation load capacity

  • Patent pending one-of-a-kind product

  • Saves precious time and labor costs

Grated Surface
Grated Stairway
Solid Design Oil Tank Walkway
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