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Tank Manways | Round and Rectangular

Round Manways

By using automated welded construction, we are able to accommodate flexibility in thickness, width and length of the frame’s neck and flange as specified by the customer. Flanges and covers are produced in UL & API bolt hole patterns. Gaskets are available in multiple materials with Fiberflex being standard.

Rectangular Manways

By robotically welding in a flat position, we are able to produce a 360° sealed weld on our manways including storage tank “Cleanouts”. The frame is made from ¼” x 2” x 3” A36 material with 9/16” holes punched 2” apart and can be radiused to match the outside diameter of the storage tank mating surface. Covers are available in ¼” and 3/8” thicknesses. 100 ft. neoprene rolls are available for gasket material.


Storage Tanks And Vessel Components

Small Storage Tanks

A variety of storage tanks for oil and other liquids up to 2,500 gallons in size are built to order. Standard round tank sizes (gal.) are 2,500, 1,000 and 560. Standard obround tank sizes are 270 and 330. Hydraulic reservoirs are available in 3, 5, 10 and 20 gal. sizes.

Tank Hardware / Components

A wide range of components used in the manufacturing of oilfield and other large storage tanks and oilfield related vessels are offered. They include grade bands (used for containment), lift and mounting lugs, obround and flat-flanged heads, flanges and nameplate brackets.


Custom Fabricated Steel Leak Free Manway Frames

Wifco Steel Products custom fabricated steel manway cleanout frames are properly positioned during robotic welding for maximum penetration and uniform weld size. This produces welds that will not leak or split when welded into our customer’s products.

The robot is programed to completely wrap all weld joint ends and sequence welding to eliminate distortion and leak paths. Cleanout cover holes will always align perfectly with frame holes.

All top-side welds are ground flush.


Nameplate Brackets

Custom fabricated nameplate brackets are used for vessel identification and are available in multiple widths & lengths with and without name plate mounting holes.


Storage Tank Grade Bands

Storage tank grade bands, available in galvanized and painted coatings, are used for containment around storage tanks. Standard sizes are 8” wide and come in 5′ and 10′ lengths with and without centered located holes used for mounting to stakes. Wider bands up to 60” wide and 3/16” in thickness and rolled to specific diameters are built to order.

Grade bands are banded to slot boards for ease of stacking and to prevent shifting during transportation.


Storage Tank Lifting and Mounting Lugs

Storage Tank Lifting and Mounting Lugs

Lift and mounting lugs are available in multiple sizes and shapes. Lugs that are applied to fiberglass tanks are welded with ¼” baseplates. Available in galvanized coating.

Round and Rectangular Manways
Round and Rectangular Manways
Small Storage Tanks
Tank Hardware and Components
Properly Positioned-for Welding
Nameplate Bracket
Grade Band
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