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Oil Tank Walkway And Stairway Components

Steel walkway / catwalk and stairway components are typically inventoried and provided in bundle quantities.

Special designs or designs unique to a customer are built to order.


Steel Angle Iron | Custom or Stock

Wifco manufactures a wide range of steel angle, allowing for customization for angle itself or with use of any of our products. Variable hole sizes and positions are offered. This product is supplied in 2″ and 1 ½” equal leg sizes. Both sizes are punched with the holes at the centerline of the leg to maximize strength and alignment.

Holes are perfectly inline between legs if double-punched is ordered, and also available in an offset configuration.

Angle is offered in many lengths and can be pre-cut to size condition. Pre-cut angle is defined and ordered by the number of holes per leg.


Regular and Grated Steps

There are two styles of steps (13-12 gauge) required for an assembled stairway: a top step used for mating up to the walkway surface and a regular step used for remaining locations. Wifco also offers a grated step model (11-10 gauge) for conditions where snow can create unsafe conditions.


Walkway Extension Pans

Pans are defined by length and are available in sizes of 10 in. to 11 ft. Standard width is 26″, but also available in 48″. The top surface is made with embossed holes for friction to prevent slippage. If the walkway is to be welded, the pan can be bent in a reverse position in which the legs can serve toe boards.

For transportation two pans are stored inside one another and bundled in quantities of 10.


Handrail Gussets and Other Components

Handrail gussets, splicers, toe boards and other components used in walkway and stairway construction are offered in multiple sizes, configurations and coatings.

Walkway Components
Punched Angle
Standard Top Step for Assembly
Grated Step for Assembly
Hand Rail Gusset Small
Stairway Splicer
Post Gusset
Toe Board
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